rhMFG-E8 for Hemorrhagic Shock

Hemorrhagic shock is a significant cause of mortality worldwide. Hemorrhagic shock can result from any major bleeding, including upper or lower gastrointestinal bleeding, obstetric and gynecologic bleeding, and ruptured aneurysms. In the United States, hemorrhagic shock accounts for one third of the deaths caused by severe traumatic injury, which is the main cause of death in individuals younger than 45 years of age. Hemorrhagic shock is also a significant cause of mortality after combat trauma. Severe trauma and hemorrhage can be rapidly lethal, with up to half of patients die before receiving hospital care. Yet, in the last 10 years, advances in hemorrhagic shock treatment have led to only modest improvements in survival.

TheraSource scientists have discovered that rhMFG-E8 has beneficial effects and improves survival in models of hemorrhagic shock. rhMFG-E8 inhibits the release of inflammatory mediators and promotes the clearance of dying cells, which are thought to contribute to systemic immune activation and organ damage during shock.

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Preclinical studies:

rhMFG-E8 increases survival after hemorrhagic shock. Treatment with rhMFG-E8 significantly improved the 7-day survival rate after hemorrhagic shock from 43% to 83%. Vehicle (normal saline) or rhMFG-E8 (20 µg per kg of body weight) was administered together with intravenous resuscitation fluid at 90 min after hemorrhage. Survival rates were estimated using the Kaplan-Meier method (n=12-14/group), and compared using the log-rank test; *P < 0.05 vs. vehicle.